Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Around Here...

The last couple weeks have been crazy around here.  I started my new job at the end of February, which I absolutely love.  Things are going well there and I'm much busier then I was at my last salon.  I'm so happy I was brave and made the big move.

The next day we received news first thing in the morning that my grandfather had passed away in his sleep.  He was ninety seven years old so we had been expecting this for awhile, but still a shock to the system to actually hear.  We had a hard two weeks organizing things and attending funerals.  My Grandpa attended a Russian Orthodox church.  They have two funerals- a night time prayer service and a two and a half hour funeral and burial the following day.  Unfortunately we had to extend it to a third day as the wrong plot had been dug up at the cemetery!  Talk about a long goodbye.  My uncle brought brandy to the second burial (Grandpa's favorite spirit) and all the attendees had a shot in his honor.  He lived a very full and accomplished life and he will be missed.  Memory Eternal.

RCAF circa 1945

January 2013
 As sad as the last few weeks have been, it has brought our family together and I've been hearing all kinds of interesting stories of my family's history and some neat old photos have surfaced.  My Grandpa was a major event recorder and the family historian and I'm glad there is so much history available for me to learn.  My Mom says I'm like him, as I'm always taking pictures and keeping good notes via blog, journals, or scrapbooks.

I picked up a new 2013 journal at Indigo the other day and came across this interesting little book.  It's a five year journal and it comes with different questions to ask yourself each day.  Something you can look back at and reflect upon, seeing how you've changed over the last five years.  Thought it would be an interesting keepsake and I've been having fun filling it out so far.  I've also been adding a little note about anything significant that happened each day.

March has just been flying by!  My calender's been so full and I feel like I've hardly had any veg time.  This is the first time I've had a few hours to myself and nothing I need to do besides sit down, blog, and catch up on emails.

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